K/Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam

Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam in Kandy district is a school of one hundred and thirty students. and only four teachers. They are housed in one poorly maintained building with minimal facilities. The Give Forward volunteers are providing English classes to students at the school. The Give Forward is also planning on building a library and upgrading the washrooms at the school.

Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidiyalam in Kandy district is a school of 130 students and only 4 teachers. They are housed in one poorly maintained building with minimal facilities. However, the students are provided free uniforms and schools by the government.

The Give Forward has multiple active projects at this school including

  • Giving books to children
  • Building a library and finishing a classroom at the school
  • English classes via Zoom thanks to Ms. Mohana Aravinthan

This is a very large project that will require support from donours. Please click here if you are interested in supporting this project.


English classes start at K/Pupuressa Tamil Vidyalayam

The Give Forward has started English classes at K/Pupuressa Tamil Vidyalayam. Our volunteers on the ground in Sri Lanka have setup a smart classroom at the school through which our amazing teacher Ms. Mohana Aravinthan is delivering English lessons via Zoom! Our students are already making great progress on their English. They have gone from…

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K/Pupuressa Tamil Vidyalaya Scholarship Testimonial

Hi I am Priyadharshini from Kandy. I am a final year finance undergraduate at University of Peradeniya. I lost my father in my early second year. I financially struggled and got help from The Give Forward. God grace, with their help I can complete my entire university. It’s very useful and I take this opportunity…

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