Future Projects

Our future projects include improving education in the upcountry of Sri Lanka. Many schools in this region lack proper facilities including inadequate washrooms, a lack of teachers and educational materials including books.

Current Projects

The Give Forward is currently engaged in several projects which are listed below.

K/Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam

Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam in Kandy district is a school of one hundred and thirty students. and only four teachers. They are housed in one poorly maintained building with minimal facilities. The Give Forward volunteers are providing English classes to students at the school. The Give Forward is also planning on building a library and…

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The Give Forward is currently providing educational scholarships to seven students on a monthly basis to help fund higher level studies.

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Kandhadu Villupuram

Annapoorana Mohan, a primary school teacher in Kandhadu Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India,  sold her gold jewelry to raise funds for underprivileged students. The Give Forward raised money to help provide Ms. Mohan with various books.

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Prithipura Home

Prithipura home located in Wattala, Sri Lanka provides a safe environment for the mentally and physically disabled ranging from young childhood to adulthood. The Give Forward helped provide an average of fifteen meals a year to the residents from the years 2017 to 2020 along with donating cooking pots, mattresses and garbage bins.

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