A library and classroom comes to K/ Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidyalayam

We are excited to announce that we have received permission to build a library and classroom in K/ Pupurassa Tamil Maha Vidyalayam. There is also an unfinished classroom that needs roofing and a little bit of renovation. We are hoping to finish both projects together. In addition, The Give Forward has also acquired a gate for the school’s front entrance.

The Give Forward encourages and requests donors to come forward achieve these projects.

As everyone knows, there is an ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka, which has resulted in widespread unavailability of food, fuel, and medicines. This has also greatly impacted schooling as well and The Give Forward is working with our volunteers in Sri Lanka to ensure that students to continue their studies for a brighter future. We have setup a smart classroom in K/ Pupurassa Maha Vidyalayam that let’s students learn from remote teachers abroad. However, ongoing power cuts have not allowed us to make full use of it. Our volunteer teacher, Ms. Mohana Aravinthan has managed to teach the students English via Zoom despite these difficulties. We will provide updates on the English classes as we navigate the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka and work to ensure the students continue to learn. Please look forward to further information about the process of teaching English via Zoom. Thank you to Ms. Aravinthan and the school’s principal Mr. Thamil Selvan for all their efforts.